Area Guide

Poros is the biggest district of new Elios-Pronnoi municipality. Is a beautiful,picturesque village, surrounded by the villages Tzanata, Asprogerakas, Kabitsata and Riza. It has a population of 1500 inhabitants. Its port is a significant link between Kefalonia and continental Greece. It was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1953, after the few fishermen’s houses were destroyed, it is harmonically constructed at the foot of the mountains Pahni and Atros.
A vast indented coastline, that is 2km long, abundant in sandy beaches and leeward ports, comprises its seafront. The sea with its clear and transparent waters offers a spectacular sight with the variety of colours.
The area is renowned as a fishing place, while its caves are a shelter for the seal Monachus-Monachus and the turtle Caretta-Caretta.The ravine of Poros is one of the most beautiful geological phenomena of Kefalonia. It is an 80 meter deep precipice, with steep slopes.
This wild and imposing landscape is connected to a strange legend, that claims that the hollows in the rocks  are the footprints of the huge supernatural feet of the hero Hercules. The river Vohinas, noisy in winter and covered by plane trees in summer passes through Poros. It springs from lake «Avithos» (which means «bottomless»), because of its immeasurable depth.  The rich valley of Tzannata coupled with the pine covered mountain Enos, enriches the sight of Poros. At this point, its worth mentioning the black pine and the wild horses that live on this high mountain.
A short road takes you out of Poros following a north west direction and after it passes for 3 klm along a magestical beach, it goes upwards to the mountain Atros and ends at the monastery of the Virgin Mary of Atros, at the top of an impressive triangular hill, 500 meters high,. It is the oldest monastery of Kefalonia.